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Marmaris is situated on South Western Turkey and boasts 179 days of sunshine every year so you are sure to get that perfect tan. With hotels, bars, beaches and water sports there is never a dull moment. Did you know that the name Marmaris comes from the word Merme which means marble, which Turkey has a great deal of. Apologies, I digress, back to Marmaris 

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Turkey Holidays for the British Tourists: Exhilarating and Cheap

What is it that makes turkey such a popular destination with Britons? It is not the only easily accessible country with loads of sunshine and sandy beaches, there is indeed a lot more than these attractions. Take a dive into Turkey's history and you might quickly realise what a precious and fascinating heritage it has got!
As a tourist, you can also sample old habits like drinking of tea and coffee in Turkish way. In addition, you can purchase things like they have always done for centuries – in bazaars, negotiating the price. There is much of the past that is still alive today in Turkey.

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A Land Blessed with Beauty

Truth is, your eyes will encounter so much natural beauty when in Turkey. You won't see just bare beaches, but ones bordered by beautiful Mediterranean-style deep green forests. These also cover the mountainous ranges, and to be encountered frequently, even close to the shore. Some areas are rather arid and have turned into semi-deserts.

The wind and the water have shaped the rock into thrilling landscapes, like those of Cappadocia. They have also created fantastic shapes in the lime deposits, like those at Pamukkale (The Cotton Castle). Such landscapes are so spectacular that many choose to view them entirely, from above. Many tour operators thus provide balloon rides for visitors.

 Spiritual Diversity

Turkey has strong spiritual traditions and it shows nowadays, too. It has been the meeting point of major religions, but also the host of many intriguing smaller cults. The country has been no stranger to mystic currents and experiences.

Here, you can track back the Christian faith to its early years, thanks to the old Greeks who lives and rules in Constantinople and preserved the original faith. You can also explore and understand the Islam. The Dervish dances and their trance will open the door to a different type of mystic experiences. In Turkey, you will see the many ways in which people try to connect with the divine.